About The Founders

Doug Sandlin

Doug is wired to make things happen by taking good information and ideas, and synthesizing them into tangible, beneficial results. He has done this as the co-creator of the Living Unbound framework for human wholeness, as a meditation teacher and retreat leader for many years. Doug has also served as a long-term community volunteer, teaching both meditation and computer skills in the local prison system. 

Professionally, Doug works as a commercial real estate agent. Doug has over 30 years experience in all facets of business development and operations for technology companies with a focus on startups, ranging from lead generation to sales processes and operations, to technology partnerships, vendor selection, content creation and strategy, major account acquisition and growth, venture capital, M&A, and customer-facing partnerships. Doug lives in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

Mahasweta Mitra

Mahasweta is wired to give creatively, and creatively give, via organized, on the ground implementation of good ideas. She is the co-creator of the Living Unbound framework for human wholeness, and has been a meditation teacher and retreat leader for many years. She is an artist, with her art known collectively as Creations From Stillness. Mahasweta is also a teacher of popular “Finding The Artist Within” art classes for adults and children, She has also given back to her local community, as a long-term volunteer, teaching computer skills in the local prison system, work for which she has received an outstanding service award.

Professionally, Mahasweta has worked as a senior programmer analyst for over 25 years, including product management and client-facing technical roles. Her skills include programming, feature design and implementations, and custom design and modifications for clients. Mahasweta lives in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

The Creation of Living Unbound

We found that we were both interested in the overall map of consciousness that is outlined by the essential teachings of various spiritual systems, and found that we both appreciate the clarity and simplicity of this map as a means to Living Unbound in reality. We agreed that the simple three-tiered structure can offer any of us a map to Living Unbound. We also saw how the three-tiered structure of the map to Living Unbound applies equally well to the teachings of all spiritual systems, and to information from consciousness-related science, and other areas of life, as well.

Then we realized the implications: we could create a  fresh version of that same map. We could outline a clearly-marked map to Living Unbound. A map, to Living Unbound in reality, independent of any single system. A map to Living Unbound which can incorporate the most effective principles and practices, wherever they may be found or created, from any area of life, from any source.

A map that any of us can follow.