About The Founders

Doug Sandlin
Doug Sandlin

Doug Sandlin

Roughly ten years ago, I unexpectedly felt a strong draw toward meditation and spirituality. I began meditating daily and I started reading spiritual books voraciously. Not having any kind of prior spiritual background, I read books from nearly every spiritual tradition, religion and point of view. I had a deeply felt sense that any hope for peace and freedom in life would ultimately be found within.

After being deeply involved with various spiritual and consciousness-related systems, ranging from A Course In Miracles (ACIM), to Kriya Yoga, to the teachings of Adyashanti, all of which I found to be extremely beneficial, I discovered Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP). Thanks to AYP and its specific practices, I gained more benefit from daily meditation in a few months, than I had gained in a few years, using other systems. I experienced inner silence to an ever-deepening degree, and as a result, I had some insights regarding the essential symbolism of the world’s religions and wisdom traditions. I saw that all spiritual systems ultimately teach the way to Living Unbound, when their deepest teachings are understood in experience. I realized and experienced that the symbol-sets of all spiritual systems reveal a comprehensible map to Living Unbound, in reality.

Feeling grateful beyond words for these insights and experiences, and wanting to help others to experience Living Unbound, I began sharing some of these thoughts on the AYP Support Forum, and got quite a bit of positive response. Subsequently I started a blog called Demystifind, but felt inspired to offer a more detailed and complete scope. I was beginning to see that the combination of what I had learned and experienced somehow fit into something larger; a set of teachings, techniques and resources that could offer not only a comprehensive map to Living Unbound, but the way to follow that map, as well. And so, I considered starting a website.

Shweta Mitra
Mahasweta Mitra

Mahasweta Mitra

Several years ago, I started meditating, and was soon introduced to Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP). A year later I was introduced to “The Work” by Byron Katie and Real Love by Greg Baer. As I practiced AYP, The Work and applied the principles of Real Love, I found that I became much more aware of how conditioned thinking ran my life; something I had never seen before. I saw that all the stress and worries I experienced resulted from my mind reacting to the conditioned labels it had applied to different situations in my life. I also realized that when I could accept the reality of a situation, there was no suffering. The suffering only existed when I wanted things different from what they were, when I lived in my imagination of perfection.

As inner silence increased, I experienced how, in reality, we are not our thoughts and feelings, but that our awareness (our inner silence, our true self) is in reality unbound from all conditioning. Initially, I experienced this beautiful freedom solely in meditation, but bit by bit, it began to pervade my daily life and to have stabilize into my everyday living. I feel unspeakable gratitude for being blessed with this peace and freedom.  I felt moved to share some of my experiences and insights regarding all this. I began posting about it at the AYP Support Forum and later started two blogs:  I, Me & Mind and The Journey Inward.   And I started to see that these insights, techniques and experiences could potentially be part of a larger whole, part of a system that could help anyone who is willing to enjoy Living Unbound, and so, I began to look at starting a website.

The Creation of Living Unbound

We found that we were both interested in the overall map of consciousness that is outlined by the essential teachings of various spiritual systems, and found that we both appreciate the clarity and simplicity of this map as a means to Living Unbound in reality. We agreed that the simple three-tiered structure can offer any of us a map to Living Unbound, in reality. We also saw how the three-tiered structure of the map to Living Unbound applies equally well to the teachings of all spiritual systems, and to information from consciousness-related science, and other areas of life, as well.

Then we realized the implications: we could create a  fresh version of that same map. We could outline a clearly-marked map to Living Unbound. A map, to Living Unbound in reality, independent of any single system. A map to Living Unbound which can incorporate the most effective Teachings, Techniques and Resources, wherever they may be found or created, from any area of life, from any source.

A map that any of us can follow.

Yes, you’re invited.

Let’s get started, shall we?

If you want to dive right in, please start with the Teachings and the related Techniques of the Living section of this site. And, of course, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send an email to info@livingunbound.net .

We hope you’ll join us in Living Unbound!