Advaita Already – Living Unbound & Non-Duality

Many of us have heard of Advaita, or “Non-Duality”. There are many people, with different styles of writing, teaching and speaking, etc. – articulating the reality of wholeness – non-duality – Advaita – in their own unique way.

One of the most interesting things about some of the newer non-dual teachers, is that they are so grounded in awareness of-as wholeness, they don’t even see themselves as teachers, but rather, just one aspect of the wholeness — exactly as each and all of us every actually are, now.

They also hang out on Facebook – and seem to be quite open to making new friends.

Here’s a sampling, for those who may be interested, and/or inspired.

Bentinho Massaro & Benjamin Smythe

Bentinho Massaro
Benjamin Smythe

Known as “The Bens” on Facebook, these two are utterly identical ….. except for the parts that are seemingly not ….. check them out, and see if you can detect any differences — and/or the wholeness inherent in the expressions of both.


Scott Kiloby

Scott, like Bentinho and Ben, is a regular guy — different — yet the same — as “the Bens”.

Same message. Slightly different style. Potentially liberating import.

Jeff Foster

The video below pretty much says it all; so much so, in fact, that Benjamin Smythe, at one point, referred “all further questions” … to that video.

… and just notice: despite the variety in expression, none of them express any doubt; none of them express any belief in anything — everything they say is simple, verifiable observation, being articulated from experience, and in awareness.

This is what Living Unbound in reality looks like.

This is the very real, very actual Freedom Beyond Imagination; Living, Unbound.

And it’s always equally available for us all; it’s what we are —- we are the wholeness, now — Advaita, already!

Reference Sites:

Bentinho Massaro


Scott Kiloby

Jeff FosterLife Without A Centre

Marcos Cortes (appearing with Jeff in the video, above) –


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  1. David SavageDecember 28, 2010

    Of all the many, many videos of teachers of nonduality I have watched, the video “All that’s left is laughter” is my favorite. Thanks to the wisdom of the camera operator who kept it rolling.

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