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Massage and related healing methods have been very helpful to me, with respect to my overall health. My massage therapist, Cindy Vagner, is an amazing healer who works with a variety of healing methods above and beyond traditional massage. She uses  various methods such as Reiki, Physio-Spiritual Etheric Body Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Raindrop Treatment, Etc., in combination with massage, in order to best serve the individual needs of her clients.

Cindy has found that the use of essential oils can provide significant healing benefits when used in conjunction with massage and other healing methods. She has also shared the benefits of essential oils with our meditation group on numerous occasions. These oils have a certain power and vibration to them that is very healing.  I asked Cindy if she would share something with us here at Living Unbound about these oils, and their use.  The following article was written by Cindy Vagner . Thank you Cindy for sharing this with us. ~ Shweta

Healing With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

When I first heard about “therapeutic” grade essential oils, my ears perked up.  That meant they could heal-I thought.  I began to do some research into these oils I had heard about from Young Living.   As a massage therapist, I didn’t know much about aromatherapy and really wasn’t interested in knowing, since most knowledge about essential oils was what many others thought-put a few drops of some smell-good oil in a burner diffuser and you were good to go.  Wrong!!

It’s been nearly 10 years since I first heard about Young Living, and the truly wonderful healing oils they produce.  When I received my first kit of their oils, I literally dropped to my knees, holding that box, unopened, with tears in my eyes, feeling as though I was holding a box of jewels.  I didn’t understand what was making me so emotional about something I didn’t even know how to use, but I knew that there was something very sacred within that box.

During the last 10 years I have learned a great deal about how it is that Young Living’s essential oils are the most pure and therapeutic oils in the world today.  Other oil brands, or those that are homemade cannot meet the standards set by the Young Living company.  In fact, other oils may harm you due to the chemicals used to cut them and make them go further, so they can be sold cheaply.

There are no chemicals used in the growing or production of Young Living oils.  They use high-tech devices to test their oils, to insure purity and therapeutic value.  It is for this reason that only Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils can aid the body in recovery from disorders and disease, build up immunity and help alleviate many emotional issues.

In my massage practice I do Raindrop Technique which is exclusive to Young Living.  I was taught by the founder of the company, Gary Young, in doing this procedure.  You see, these essential oils have a very high energy frequency that has been measured and tested by Young Living.  By applying these oils in the Raindrop procedure, they actually raise the energy frequency of the one receiving the technique.  This increase in energy frequency helps the body to heal and to stay well.  Amazing results are experienced by those who experience Raindrop Technique.

If you are interested in giving Raindrop Technique a try, just contact me at Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage.   I can detail the procedure and discuss your specific issues and how the Raindrop could help.  It is all about HEALING, on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Please read on, as important information is given below that will help you to understand what to look for when choosing what essential oils are truly Therapeutic Grade.

How To Be Sure Your Essential Oils Are Theraputic Grade.

  1. Are the fragrances delicate, righ and Organic? Do they feel natural? Do the aroma vary from batch to batch, indicating they are distilled in small batches, rather than industrially processes on a large scale.

  2. Are these analysed by the suppliers, through individual labs,  and tested for purity and theraputic quality?

  3. Does the supplier gro and distill its own herbs?

  4. Are the distillation facilities part of the farm where the herbs are grown, so the oils can can be freshly distilled, rather than wait for days to be processed and hence lose some of it’s potency?

  5. Does the supplier use low pressure and low temperature distillation so as to protect the fragile chemical constituents of the essential oils?  Are the distillation cookers made with food-grade quality stainless steel allys to reduce the likelyhood of the oils chemically reacting to the metal?

  6. Does the suppiler make sure no synthetic or harmful solvents or chemicals are being used to grow the herbs?

  7. Do the oils meet AFNOR or ISO standards?

  8. How many years of experience does the supplier have in growing and distilling?


  • When deciding to use essential oils for better health, it is imperative to only use the purest quality of oils that are available. Inferior quality or adulterated oils more than likely will not produce therapeutic results. They could actually be toxic and cause harm to the body.
  • European standards have been established to ouline the chemical profile and principal constituents that a quality essential oil should have. These standards are AFNOR, (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation), and ISO, (International Standards Organization). These are guidelines that help buyers know the difference between therapeutic-grade essential oils and a lower grade oil with similar chemical makeup and fragrance.

*Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils meet the above standards!

~ Cindy Vagner

A Certified Massasge Therapist since 1996 and Founder and Owner of Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage

Additional Resources: The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, Inc. (CARE)

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