Fall in love with…

~Painting By Shweta Mitra~Painting By Shweta Mitra

Fall in love with…

Fall in love with the gift being given to you
Not the box it comes in.

Fall in love with the silence
Not the practices that bring you silence.

Fall in love with the truth being revealed to you
Not the guru or system that is delivering the truth.

We miss so much by focusing on the form that delivers the truth to us.
The ego will analyze, judge, defend, a guru or a system.
That is what the ego loves to do.. engage itself in something.
But when we let go the judgment, the analyzing, the defending…
We let the actual teachings in.
These teachings are real subtle and beyond the mind.
Hence the mind does not get it.


Let go the attachment to the gift box
And start enjoying the gift.
The truths being sent to us
The blessings being poured into our lives.

Fall in love with….
The guru in you…
The silence.


~Shweta Mitra

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