~Painting by Shweta Mitra

~Painting By Shweta Mitra

The Blues and Reds and Yellows and Blacks and Whites all merge to make a beautiful painting.
You may love the color red
but dislike the color blue.
And yet
When they are together in a painting,
You see the beauty in the harmony of all the colors…
not individual ones.

Life is like that.
There is laughing and crying and joy and sorrow…
There is praising and scolding and accepting and blaming…
There is loving and rejecting and hugging and brushing aside.
But together they make a beautiful painting on the canvas of silence.

If you just look at only the red color in the painting because you are attracted to it
and ignore the blue…
You don’t see the harmony of the painting
If you look for only the good in life and ignore the bad
you miss the beauty of the painting of life.

All of it is present in perfect harmony,
Unless we decide we prefer one color over the other.

~Shweta Mitra

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