The Cyclic Nature of Living

Living Unbound is the natural state of all life.  And all life, all dynamics of life, are cyclic.

As long as cycles are allowed to move naturally, there is living in harmony; there is Living Unbound. However, when cycles are interrupted,  there is disharmony, and this disharmony leads to all kinds of afflictions and diseases. Personally and individually, non-natural cycles are reflected in depression, addiction, physical diseases of various types, and so on. Socially, whether in families, friendships, love relationships, or even nations, non-natural cycles can produce everything from unhealthy relationships, to broken families, to social unrest, to war, to economic collapse, along with a vast variety of other situations, which cause unspeakable levels and amounts of pain.

When Living is Unbound, when the natural cycles of the dynamics of living are allowed to flow naturally, there is harmony in our lives; the experience of Living Unbound. Restoring this harmony is what Living Unbound is here to do. We’re sharing teachings, techniques and resources that will help bring harmony back into our lives, so that living is unbound; so that the experience of living is restored to its natural, harmonious flow.

And so, as mentioned above: all dynamics of life are cyclic.

A simple example we’re all familiar with is sleep. Specifically the cycle: sleep, waking, sleep. When there is the right amount of sleep and waking in our lives, there is harmony. But if we sleep too much or too little, there is disharmony, which will result in depression, fatigue, lack of focus, anxiety, mood swings, and so on. If someone experiences extreme disruption in their sleep cycles, after a few days, hallucinations and other disorientation begins, followed by insanity, and eventually, death.

Then there is the cycle of food intake (ingestion), processing  the ingested food (digestion) and elimination of the waste; the cycles of physical activity and inactivity (exercise and rest); the cycles of giving and receiving, and so on.

Similarly there is a cycle of living and activity in the external world, and of bringing ourselves, our awareness, back inward, into our internal world. Especially in so-called modern society, many of us run around frenetically in the world outside, and put almost all our focus on the world outside; on all that activity. For those of us who’ve lived even a few decades, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in activity, in the pace of our lives and the world around us, even in our own lifetimes. We focus all our attention outward, and look for all our happiness outward, but can never seem to be satisfied. Even our own thoughts and feelings tend to be oriented outward: errands, work, relationships, family, the economy, specific conversations, strategies for getting what we want, strategies for avoiding what we fear. And not surprisingly, for so many of us, even with all that strategizing, there is still so much disharmony in our lives.

As we put attention outward, we also need to put attention inward. In order to experience harmony in our lives, we need to allow for the natural flowing of attention to both our world outside, and our world inside. When we breathe out, before too long at all, we tend to breathe in. When our heart beats, it contracts, and before too long at all, it expands.

Yet, we don’t tend to recognize the importance of an essentially identical cycle, an identical flow, with respect to activity and rest;  the natural flow of our attention, our perception, our awareness,  inward and outward.

All of us sleep regularly, even if not well, yet most of us don’t experience the natural benefits of  being well-rested; the peace of mind which is part of the natural condition of living unbound. And so, how can we create this balance, between the outside world and the activities of life, and our internal world?

That’s what certain Living Techniques are for; they’ve been utilized and proven effective, for thousands of years, all over the world. They’re simple, they’re easy, and not only can they change our quality of life; they will. Just as a balanced cycle of diet, exercise and sleep can make the difference between life and death, learning to allow the natural cycle of the inward and outward flow of our awareness can make the difference between a stress-filled life, and living our lives in harmony; Living Unbound.


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