Transcending The Tyranny Of Ideas

All suffering is the result of an incorrect idea; a single incorrect idea; the idea of separation and partiality. Living Unbound is the natural state; the entire universe is an ever-oscillating dance of harmony, unity and wholeness. The entire natural universe inter-relates harmoniously and synergistically.

The only exception to this natural harmony is the misconception known as the ego; the limited I-sense; the “thought called ‘me’”. Until very recently, the vast majority of us have lived our entire lives without ever hearing of Living Unbound or the various ways to Living Unbound, which are offered via various religions and spiritual traditions. Or, if we have heard of one of the ways to Living Unbound, chances are that it was positioned as something available only through a single religion or spiritual path, or by adopting a specific lifestyle, such as becoming a priest, or monk or nun. And so, we’ve been conditioned and re-conditioned that freedom from suffering, and freedom in general, is for the select few, and in any case, apparently not for us. We’ve literally been taught from the time we could understand even the simplest words and concepts that we are separate, and therefore alone. We’ve been conditioned that the aspects of us which appear to be separate (physical body, psychological tendencies, individual traits, etc.) are the total of who we are, and that we are therefore actually separate.

Because of this disproportionate focus on appearances of all types (including internal appearances: thoughts, feelings, sense-of-self, conditioned memories, and so on), we not only spend our lives being conditioned and reconditioned that these appearances are reality, but that they’re all of reality. And, because we focus only on the forms of things (and not the space of awareness in which everything actually occurs), we literally become “awareness blind”; we neither see nor know the vast majority of our own consciousness, and so, if it is perceived at all, it is perceived as something lofty, or mystical, and quite possibly (conditioned thinking presumes) unreal.

The reality is: Living Unbound is reality; it is the original awareness within which everything else happens.  This is neither lofty nor metaphysical, but simply actual: awareness, in experience, is a single field. All divisions within it are arbitrary distinctions.  Everything we perceive resolves to electrical signals oscillating in our brain; the wholeness of awareness is simply the experience  of this field without the perceptual distinctions. On this science and religion both agree, unequivocally. However, the vast majority of us, whether oriented toward science, religion, or neither, have never experienced this wholeness, and therefore, neither experience it, nor perceive it as possible. This is where spiritual practices come in: they remove the cloud-cover of perceptual distinction which prevents the experience of the fullness and wholeness we each and all actually are, now. Living Unbound is simply being completely, naturally, divinely human: in, with and as the wholeness of our own fulfilled consciousness.

However, most of us never experience the beauty, the purity, the utter liberation of Living Unbound. The cloud-cover of conditioned misconception is just too thick, it seems; especially since most of us don’t even know we’re mired in utter misconception, in almost every moment (prior to Living Unbound), nor do we realize that this fundamental misconception is reinforced, reviewed and thereby remembered, in almost every moment. Most of all though, it boils down to the fact that we don’t have any idea what to do to escape our lifelong sense of unfullfillment.

So how then to experience Living Unbound?

There are two primary facets to Living Unbound in reality:

  • Experiencing the full range of our original, fulfilled awareness. This is what Living Unbound Techniques are designed to facilitate.
  • Understanding the illusions of misconception by seeing through them. This is what Living Unbound Teachings are designed to facilitate.

1. Experiencing

To get the benefits of regular exercise, we simply need to do it. The same is true of the universal spiritual practices which have been proven in every spiritual tradition over the course of millennia. Not spiritual beliefs; spiritual practices. As with exercise, where spiritual practices are concerned, it’s not about what you think, it’s about what you do. When we start a daily routine of proven spiritual practices (please see Living Unbound Lessons for details), before long, tangible benefits begin to emerge. Then, within a few weeks, or months, or maybe a bit longer for some of us, we start to experience some of the things we have only heard or read about, before this point. We experience the reality of inner silence and stillness. We experience the reality of the subtle energies about which all spiritual traditions teach. Bit by bit we directly experience the reality that, as Jesus Christ said in the Bible “the kingdom of heaven is within” us.

When we reject spiritual information because it doesn’t make sense to us at the time, we are operating at a vast disadvantage. We don’t have the experience, the knowing, from which to make that declaration. As we continue our daily practices, we find that we don’t really need to make any declarations at all: the reality of Living Unbound, is revealed as simply and utterly obvious.

Without spiritual practices, we’ll continue to live under perpetual cloud cover, disbelieving in the existence of the sun.

With dedication to daily practices, in a relatively short period of time, we can and will enjoy Living Unbound, in reality. What is “relatively short”? For most of us, the essence of the journey to awareness of wholeness, to Living Unbound, takes a fairly small handful of years. This is a much shorter time period than it has taken historically for most. The reason for this is that the opening of the floodgates of global information have allowed more of us to have more access to highly valuable spiritual and consciousness-related information in recent years than at any other time in history. We’ve therefore been able to distill, refine and enhance existing teachings, techniques and resources. Still, for all of us, it’s a very, very individual dynamic; everyone is different prior to getting to the conscious experiencing of oneness. Some of us awaken to Living Unbound all the way instantly, but this is very, very rare. Others do so within a few short months, but this is also very rare. For most of us, a handful of years is what the process seems to take, though with ever-more-efficient refinements to practices and the resulting experiences and understanding, we may be able to help shorten these time-frames, further. It’s probably not realistic for most of us to expect to be fully Living Unbound in a few months, but on the other hand: if it takes more than a decade, there’s probably some facet of our approach that needs to be refined.

Realistically, from start-to-Living Unbound, we can expect to spend a few years in daily practices, consistently gaining greater peace, freedom and clarity, until actually Living Unbound becomes our default condition, and the pinnacle conditions taught by every spiritual tradition become the essence of our daily lives.

2. Understanding

We’ve all had the experience of believing that something is true, or feeling a certain way about something or someone, and then having that view suddenly change, based on new information. At one time, the sun’s revolution around the Earth was accepted fact; enough so that Galileo was severely punished for daring to state otherwise. Currently, it is accepted that the Earth revolves around the sun. What made the difference? The ability, and the willingness, to simply observe, to note and to see more accurately.

And so it is with Living Unbound.

When untrue concepts are no longer believed, Living Unbound is our natural condition, the harmonious flowing of living, now. Which of the concepts that we currently believe are untrue? All of them. Really. How could a concept be true? That’s the easy and utterly true answer. However, most of us not only won’t believe this answer immediately, but most of us can’t. The conditioned, conceptual reinforcement of a lifetime, related to partiality and lack, and the confusing of the conceptual with the actual, is deeply embedded in essentially all of us. Body follows mind, mind follows awareness. If awareness is blocked by the cloud-cover of conceptual conditioning, we’re attempting to complete the equation of wholeness by requiring that 2+2 = 3. Hence all the trouble.

The way to Living Unbound is actually more of an undoing than a doing; it is the releasing of all that is untrue by experiencing, understanding and creating our own way out of the dark unreality of dreaming bound, into the beautiful reality of Living Unbound.

It’s really very simple.

A couple of the fundamental toolsets used by humanity (the distinctions made by language and language-based thinking), became confused with reality, and thus became humanity’s (effective) tyrants. Language and thinking can be useful and even enjoyable creative tools; however they make terrible tyrants.

Letting language and concept rule our lives is like letting the song play us; letting the story write us; letting the clay sculpt us. We’re actually the singer, the musician, the author, the sculptor; Living Unbound is living in the conscious unity of the awareness of ourselves as wholeness  enjoying the harmony of living, free from the imprisoning, fictitious concepts of partiality and lack.

When we allow conditioned conceptual ideas to use us as their plaything, how deep does their reign of terror go?

What scares us? In the depths of our private thoughts? The anxieties that arise unbidden and pull us around like an evil, unseen puppeteer? That’s how deep it goes. Is what scares us happening right now? In our immediate experience? Probably not. However, there’s still automatic, unconscious reaction to these thoughts that automatically arise. Is this what we signed up for? Many of us certainly appear to think so.

The truth, when we experience it, is both staggering and utterly liberating: ego: our misplaced sense of lack and partiality is itself an unreal thought, and so, its reality consists of misplaced thoughts, which are simply other thoughts derived from a dream universe of lack and partiality.

What are the ramifications of this? When this unfortunate, unreal and fear-filled dream dissolves, we realize:

  • Living Is Harmony
  • Knowing Is Unity
  • Awareness Is Wholeness

And even more importantly and applicably, we realize in experience:

We are Living Unbound as the very real Freedom Beyond conceptually-conditioned Imagination.

“Freedom Beyond Imagination” is more than a catchphrase; it’s a very real key to understanding and experiencing Living Unbound in reality.

Living Unbound is only found in the Freedom that is Beyond Imagination; in the reality that is beyond and before the distinctions of language and language-based thinking. Mind and language are cutting-instruments. They divide, decide, define and distinguish. They can therefore be useful in creating specific facets of our lives, but are not suited to be arbiters of the wholeness of reality.

How can we know this for ourselves?

By experiencing, by understanding.

How can we bring about this experiencing, this understanding?

Practices, Practices, Practices.

A little bit of time, sincerely devoted every day, results in Living Unbound; in Freedom Beyond Imagination, in reality.