How Consciousness Really Works

Almost all of us live with a sense of separation from other people and the world around us. This “bad dream” of a life is nothing more than the artificially conditioned and continually reinforced sleight-of-hand of our own consciousness.

Our. Own. Consciousness.

“See Above.”

You may have heard it said: “Know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is shown in the graphic above. How do you know the truth of your own fulfilled consciousness, Living Unbound? You must experience it. This is exactly what Living Unbound is here to do: to provide you with the tools which empower you to experience fulfilled consciousness; to experience the literal freedom beyond imagination which is the experiencing of Living Unbound. Living Unbound from what, exactly? Living Unbound from the artificial conceptual divisions within which almost all of us dream our lives away, believing that we’re a fragment, rather than unbound awareness.

Original awareness is a single field; every division in it is artificial, conceptual and/or perceptual. These conceptual distinctions can be useful as a conscious, creative tools for communication. However, while these distinctions can make great servants, they make truly terrible masters.

Limited, thinking-mind cannot understand the reality of our true nature as unbound awareness; it isn’t equipped or qualified to do so. Thinking mind is a cutting instrument; it discriminates, it distinguishes; it divides. There is only experiencing of wholeness of awareness; concepts have no place in the actuality of our true nature.

It’s not that sense of self, and thoughts, and physical experience disappear in Living Unbound. In Living Unbound the concepts are simply no longer artificially and disproportionately focused upon any longer; they become a window, and no longer a wall. Natural harmony is restored, and Living Unbound is enjoyed in reality.