Living Unbound: Bliss Technique


Yoga Spandakarika, Sutra 22 

All possible emotive states, even the most negative, can serve as an opportunity for the yogi to realize ultimate reality free of the obscuring veil of thought constructs.” 

~Ksemaraja, Commentary on Sutra 22, Yoga Spandakarika 

Source: The Stanzas On Vibration by Mark S.G. Dyczkowski 


The Bliss Technique:

Close your eyes and think about something you are really passionate about. This is important in the beginning when you are first learning the technique. It must be something that makes you really happy (you could do it with something that makes you really angry or sad, but it’s more fun starting off with something that makes you very happy). Now, begin to bring up the thought in your mind, and just as it’s beginning, before the thought actually forms, stop. You will notice, especially if you are noticing from a place of stillness, a surprising amount of bliss. Let this bliss just kind of permeate your whole system; enjoy it; let it just fill you with its pleasant, blissful light. This bliss may remain for a few seconds or for a few minutes; the more silence we’re consciously aware of in general, and then bring the thought up in your mind… then drop the thought (let it fade away).. and just as it is fading away from your mind… Stop.. You should feel the same bliss. 


As you continue with this practice the time you can stay in the bliss zone increases. The prominence of ecstasy reduces (as with all practices) and you can actually live in pure awareness for a few mins.. no thoughts just pure bliss. 

Any thoughts, emotions, feelings that bother you (the stronger the feeling the easier it is to observe how effective this technique is)… Consciously bring it up into your mind.. and just  before the thought/emotion/feeling can manifest.. stop. You may have to try it a few times, but the entire thing just dissolves. You will feel yourself physically relaxing too. It comes very handy to unlearn the physical tensions that our body has not forgotten . 

As you get better at this, you can use it in every moment of your life. The more you use it.. the more you will start living in your inner silence. This technique is like a key that unlocks the door which gives you access to your inner silence/bliss any time of the day. 

Background: The Elegance & Power of the Bliss Technique 

In our modern era, we often consider ourselves technologically advanced, in comparison to ancient cultures. This is of course accurate; with respect to external technology, that is. It is no exaggeration to say that the sage-scientists of ancient times were every bit as advanced with respect to internal technology, if not more so, than our current cultures are, with respect to external technologies. The Bliss Technique is a case in point. The sage-scientists of ancient Kashmir (obviously) knew that all thought-perception arises from pure awareness, and subsequently forms, manifests and subsides back into pure awareness. They also (obviously) knew that by exerting inherent will (the closest aspect of consciousness to pure awareness) to stop the arising thought-perception before it fully formed, that the very energy which normally comprises the thought-perception is liberated, available and naturally utilized for, and as, the direct experience of bliss. In ancient Kashmir, the dual facets of Living Unbound were stated with utter simplicity: Consciousness & Bliss. Two sides of the same coin of the one field of awareness that we each and all ever are, now. 

As we begin meditation (or any new endeavor or activity, for that matter), we likely wonder about this “inner silence” stuff, especially because almost every one of us quickly becomes convinced that we are the one person in history who doesn’t have any! This is simply untrue, as we find out by simply continuing daily practices. Then, one beautiful and immortal day, usually fairly early on, we experience the silence, the gap, the space; we experience directly that it’s real. And then, at that time, or possibly another, we connect the dots, and begin to wonder: is it possible; is it just possible, that these other wonderful and wonder-filled experiences and openings into a more expanded, spiritual consciousness could be real, too? 

Of course, to cynical conditioned mind, this seems far too good to be true. Guess what? It’s too good not to be true. And just as our first experiences of inner silence, and its natural and ever-increasing progression since then, along with our first experiences of true bodily ecstasy thanks to yogic breathing in daily practices, and its ever-increasing progression since then, our first experiences of the actual bliss resulting from this technique lets us know that actual bliss is an inherent part of our true nature. And not only that; it lets us know that actual bliss is an infinitely more inherent to consciousness than thinking. And, of course, this motivates us to maybe, just maybe, choose bliss over thinking more and more of the time. And this, of course, throws the doorway to Living Unbound in reality wide open. 

And please note: if we try this technique too early, we’ll be sorely disappointed; nothing will happen. However, with a bit of inner silence developed, the Bliss Technique is pleasantly and amazing easy to do. 

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