We Are Unbound Awareness

Living Unbound is the natural state of all life; the error of conception known as ego is the only exception.

Unbound awareness is our true nature. This is the ultimate teaching of all practice-centric paths, from every religion and wisdom tradition. Almost nothing can be said about Living Unbound as our true nature, because it is the realm of reality which is actually beyond description; awareness is the unbound wholeness we each and all actually are, now.

We can’t understand it; we only know its reality by Living Unbound. The Awareness level of Living Unbound is the final level prior to integrating Unbound Awareness, the Unity of Knowing and the Harmony of Living; in order to enjoy Living Unbound in reality.

It is the expansion of the inner silence we have come to experience in the Living and Knowing levels to include everything, ever. And, again; this makes no sense to thinking mind; it can’t. Thinking mind is a cutting instrument; it discriminates; distinguishes; decides. It can only be experienced. Even the highest teachings of the world’s greatest sages can only point to it, and point to it, they all do.

Ultimately, it’s nothing mysterious; Living Unbound is what is actually here, behind, before and beyond all the mistaken thoughts emanating from the conceptual conditioning of partiality.

“If you lose awareness, then you are gone. You have destroyed the reality of your life. You must therefore be aware.”

~Swami Lakshmanjoo

“While the idea of going beyond body consciousness can be frightening to us, the idea of remaining bound to body consciousness, and hence to time and death, should be more frightening.”

~Dr. David Frawley