Living Unbound: Sustaining Thoughtless Awareness

We all have moments of thoughtless awareness; we just often don’t recognize them as such, due to conditioned hyperfocus on form in the perceptions of the body-mind. Throughout our lives, we’ve been conditioned that what is going on is important; and that we are somehow this partial, fragmented-feeling self, with all these reactive thoughts and feelings.

Trying to find this self has been part of the methodology of every practice-centric wisdom tradition, from every religion, throughout history and around the world.

No one has actually found one of these partial, fragmented-feeling selves yet; they don’t exist. Ego is the fictional, conditioned and conditional source of all suffering. Awareness is the cure; awareness is health; awareness is wholeness.

Once we know ourselves as unbound, thought-free awareness; the experiencing of original subjective awareness, free from scattered, discursive thinking, we’re Living Unbound in any moment, now, that this reality of self is experienced.

And so, the only technique at this level is a single technique with two facets:

Sustaining thought-free awareness:

  • Letting awareness rest while perceiving objects, rather than allowing attention to be pulled into perception; letting all objects, including thoughts and feelings just be here, resting in awareness. Gently releasing any unbalanced focus on form; we recognize imbalance via discomfort. Thoughts, feelings and reactions hold nothing we need. We are awareness; unbound, whole, undisturbed.
  • Letting awareness notice how awareness feels. Awareness is always flowing outward at the levels of form; shining outward, uplifting, loving, giving. Awareness, Self, is ever freely giving.

This technique of sustaining awareness is for:

  • Completing the recognition of Unbound Awareness as our self; to no longer confuse any aspect of form (including thoughts, feelings, etc.), with who we know ourselves to be.
  • Facilitating Unbound Awareness being our default sense-of-self, facilitating actually Living Unbound; enjoying the literal Freedom Beyond Imagination, in reality. Unbound Awareness is actually this that we each and all always ever are, now.

Now, we allow awareness to flow naturally, pervading and blessing every moment now, via the technique described above.

Sustaining awareness literally changes the body and mind to emanate Living Unbound; neurophysiologically, psychologically; existentially. Wisdom traditions have taught and experimentally confirmed this for millenia. In recent decades, neuroscience has caught up, and has confirmed the reality of neuroplasticity: brain, body and central nervous system evolve and change according to what is reinforced.

Awareness is the ground of being; everything arises from it, displays within it, and dissolves back into it, to arise again in different form, this moment. And this moment. And now.

Knowing self as awareness, there is a sense of light flowing out from the heart, yet ever within it, blessing all, uplifting all; loving all.

It literally feels more natural and more right than can ever be imagined, because this thought-free, shining, blessing awareness is what we actually are, in reality.

Welcome Home.

Welcome to Living Unbound.

Welcome to Freedom Beyond Imagination.