I was caught up in my mind.
When others suffered, I suffered with them.
It hurt to see the pain others went through.

I realized my mind.
I watched in amusement.
I went into my “now” bubble
And said it is what it is.
I am living in the present.

This now is so perfect.
This now is so peaceful.
Nothing can touch me here in my bubble.
No pain exists here.
This now is where I want to be.

But through it all,
Yogani said,
“in order to get enlightenment,
you need to give it away.”

The words of Nithyananda haunted me
“Enlightenment is not just living in the now,
It’s living the past, the present and future, now”

Why do they say that?
Why not live here?
There is nothing wrong with this moment.
I am bliss right here right now.

I now am in the now.
It still is all what it is.
But there is more to this “now”, than living in my bubble.
There is much doing to take care of.
Even if it is just an intent of “not suffering” for the other.
There is more living now.

I suffered with my eyes open.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the “now”.
I was in awareness and no pain exists.
It’s time to open my eyes
And live in the “now”.
No more hiding in awareness.

Everything is as it is.
Things will happen as they will.
But I am the instrument through which the divine flows.
And I have rested in my loving Ma’s arms to heal,
Not once did she ask me to be any way I did not want to be,
But I have rested long enough…
“now” its time to carry out the will of my Mother.

So I pray to one and all,
And I pray to my Mother,
Give me your blessings.
So I can become the channel
Through which my Mother* flows.

-Shweta Mitra

*divine mother

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