Quotes By Nandhi

The following quotes are from Nandhi, a yogi from the South Indian Siddhar tradition. These are inspirational words he is sharing with us, to help us all in enjoying Living Unbound, in reality.  Thank you, Nandhi for sharing your beautiful wisdom with us.

  • Climbing above the mind is yoga; to be the multiple reality as oneness is the yogi. Awake to the knowing, realities ascend consciousness to the peak, to simply Be. AUM
  • The ancient bridge of source and mind is grace flowing as the sacred, to Be. The bridge dissolves in oneness to be the momentum of intent, knowing purpose. AUM
  • The mind clear as sky to be the universe within, and the vast void beyond the mind as awareness; to be oneness, and the many as one, each thought aligned. AUM
  • Past burnt to acquire the infinite now, each thought flows empowered of source, merging all thoughts to the thought of One, become Oneness, the sacred One. AUM
  • Within is the vastness of space that is void filled in the presence as light of oneness; expanded consciousness as the vibrant light, the bliss being be. AUM
  • Celebrating divinity through each yogic posture as breath, wisdom is tranquility worshipped and the journey to be a light; bliss the awake guide to being. AUM
  • Merging thoughts to be womb space of void, celebrate realms of all sages, the ancient soul awake to being the celebrated Siva, whirl within breath to be. AUM
  • Breath, nada and awareness as bhakti fire ascends to the calm third eye perch of the vibrant flame. Yogic grace calms the fire to stillness, delving to Be. AUM
  • Within breath through yoga is the guru, the ancient presence beyond breath. Aligning silent wisdom with the intellectual offerings, we alight to be bliss! AUM
  • Each sheath of consciousness pierced, Kundalini climbs as consciousness awakening to dissolve senses into the inner fire of tapas, to be the bliss body. AUM
  • Propelling the mind to embark on its inner journey, each sheath of consciousness as gratitude to be absorbed through breath surrender, inner fire awakening. AUM
  • The throb within the atom is the vibrant awareness of the AUM that is also the vast space that holds universes, expanding consciousness to be; simply be! AUM
  • Our yoga is the lightness that dwells as light. Consciousness flows empowering each thought as ancient intent of all sages to be our now; as grace that alights! AUM
  • Awakening to each magical moment, time, matter and space converge to the root of thought. In bliss reality, each thought manifests the now. AUM
  • Celebrating silence with each thought merged with the mantra fire is the enlightened realm. Conscious samadhi is fullness that celebrates void through each breath. AUM
  • The word ‘freedom’ is most used by poets of every language spoken on planet earth. Above the mind’s rooftop is ananda, wisdom to be; prophet, as joy; ananda! AUM
  • Alight as the inner music where the mind and breath has merged, the awake joy transcends the mind as the fire of knowing and the surrender. AUM
  • Scriptures are for altars and not rules to be followed. The sum total of all scriptures written by humans through all ages weighs less than source that is the now. Scriptures guide to higher conscious truth and higher consciousness is independent of need for scriptures.
  • Stillness and the vibrant stillness of being is fulfilling fire that has the light of knowing and the warmth of inspiration as the sun lit within; So be. AUM
  • Ascending states of consciousness above the mind is oneness and celebrations of vibrant joys that empower the mind to seek more of cosmic union; so to be. AUM
  • Beyond sleep and tiredness is the primal grace of inspiration. Beyond being awake is the knowing. Beyond focus is to simply Be. Each breath the breathless Be. AUM

~Quotes by Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi

Founder of:  Journey Beyond Enlightenment, http://nandhi.com/

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