The following article was written by Steve Ficks in response to a posting in the AYP forum asking about the overwhelming nature of Love.  It speaks of divine Source, the heart, love and prayer and how enlivening our direct connection with Source through the innermost heart can change the nature of life and spiritual practices in the most beneficial of ways.  Steve’s journey has been influenced by the practices of internal Taoist yoga, AYP and Padmacahaya. Thank you Steve for sharing your words of wisdom with us.

Love is the greatest power in the universe. But it also is gentle and Self calibrating. It holds and embraces each of us with perfection providing the perfect touch for every situation and circumstance. The magnitude of Love becomes overwhelming through resistance when we try to contain it, control it or treat it as an object or energy experience to get. We already are love. There is nothing to get or hold onto. The real meaning of love, being love can only be discovered in freely giving it away without condition. Love is not ruthless. It always has our best interests at heart.

If one shuts down, is afraid, or overwhelmed, then pray to Source. Each of us has a direct connection with Source through our innermost heart. Ask not for more but for what is best, what Source wants for you. Give up any need to know what that is. Sincerely offer one’s complete Self and entire being as an instrument, as a foci to Source to freely share the love, light and blessings with all beings everywhere. And trust, and if you can’t, then pray for that too. Give it all up for Source. You don’t have to do anything. Be assured, the prayer has already been answered even before you pray it.

We are all loved completely. As we learn to trust, to let go and allow the Love to work, deeper layers of heart begin to open. There is a gentleness, a softness and sweetness, a depth of peace, being and silence, that expands and deepens without pressure. There is an outflow and radiance that eliminates the sense of overwhelming because there is nothing to hold onto, nothing to overwhelm for all is being given away, freely shared with all-in-All.

It is a process. It does not happen overnight. There are stages and transitions that allow one’s heart and whole being to begin to embrace, accept and let happen the Love and Will of Source. At times patterns of mental-emotional interference constituting resistance emerge. That’s a blessing. It is an opportunity to let go, trust Source more and let the Love do its work. This will dissolve and release the layers of interference taking you deeper into Heart further strengthening the direct connection.

No stage need occur in overwhelming manner or degrade into a constricted energy experience. If it does, that too is a blessing. It’s direct feedback indicating that you are efforting, doing, controlling, resisting, in some way interjecting mind-ego into the process corralling and limiting the working of the Love. This is where the sense of overwhelming arises. If you utilize the practices of AYP follow the guidelines of self-pacing prudently. In addition, pray directly to Source. This will begin to open and enliven the innermost heart, the direct connection with Source.

When the inner heart takes over the direction of the sadhana, the nature of practice and living changes. The constrictions of the ‘I’ and doing are reduced. The inner heart is the pure undiluted core of Self, the direct link with Source. It truly knows best. It is more than just silence. It is silence and love. It is Heart. As it takes over more completely, it provides deeper levels of guidance. This is deeper and different than intuition and gut feeling. It is beyond mind and occurs via the direct-link connection with Source. It is precise. It perfectly understands the unique matrix of obstructions constituting you.

The necessary unfolding of the nervous and energy systems begins to take place under the direction of Heart which improves and changes the nature of self-pacing and self-directed effort. Not only will there be a love that emanates outward from Heart, but a pure flame of Love and Light will ignite within the core of Heart and begin to purify every level of being. There will also come a downpouring of Love from above that helps to further open the heart and works with the kundalini in soothing fashion to open the sushumna and chakras removing blockages and restrictions that create energy imbalances and overload. The pure love of Source coupled with the fragrance of a naturally emerging heart-soul forgiveness will begin removing the effects of patterns-blockages-events constituting lifetimes of karmic influence. All of this under the direct guidance of the inner heart.

Prayer is consistent with AYP practices.  Yogani has spoken about it in his samyama book. AYP + prayer, silence and love. Choose Source. Choose Heart without reservation. Dive deep into Heart. There is no end. Allow Heart to continuously sing in silent communion with Source. Give it all up, give it all away. Let Source take charge completely. The choice is yours. The environment is changing. This blessing, gift-opportunity is available to all. No exceptions. We are all Heart. Much will change. The Yoga of Grace.

“Beloved True Source, open all hearts to the silent presence of your spirit. Lead us into that mysterious silence where your love is revealed to all who call. Thank You True Source. Amen.”

~Steve Ficks

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  2. ymuldrowJuly 19, 2011

    “Source” is just another way of saying G’d. G’d is the ultimate source of all things including Love. G’d loves us so much that He believes in us and trusts us to do what is best with the life He gave us. That inner self that wants perfect peace, rest and to be pleased with itself go thru 3 phases on the road in coming to that state of peace.

    Its the commanding self, the self critiquing or analytical self that is constant make self adjustments on self, and lastly that self that doesn’t struggle anymore for that it has found its rest, it has come into a state of ease, it is at peace where there is nothing but unlimited growth.

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