The Fragrance

“Divine Love Reigning” ~ Shweta Mitra,  May 2010.


The Fragrance

Nothing is said about it
As it slowly grows
In the sun of respect
Kindness and utter ease

And the fact
That it is unspoken
Allows it to continuously be

Days and weeks
Months and years
Served as womb-like shelter
For the seed of this lily presence

Nothing can prepare one for this

For an innocence
Is playfully un-capturing our hearts
We are unprotected and free

Soft and open
As only strong hearts can be

Ours is a space
And a common dance
A slow and tender tango
Where the parting
Is the strongest embrace

No longing exists in this infinite space

Since our love for each other
Is each other’s love

We exude what we already are
Here one plus one is one

And the fragrance
Is a soul’s sole satiety

~Katrine Kristiansen April 4th 2010

Katrine and I independently worked on these pieces. I was looking for a poem to go with my painting, and she was looking for a painting to go with her poem. We were pleasantly surprised when we did share our creations and saw how beautifully they fit together. Thank you Katrine for letting me share this with our visitors at Living Unbound.



  1. KamiMay 4, 2010

    WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL.. the art and the poem in perfect sync.. please keep them coming!

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