To Love Me Is To Know Me

~Painting by Shweta Mitra – May 2010
Copy Of “The Milkmaid” By Raja Ravi Verma.

To Love Me Is To Know Me

I’m so unseen

Until my form is thought

To fill a need or two

To quench a thirst

To serve you now

Exactly as instructed

To please somehow

Until I am

Forgotten fresh again

Until your thirst reminds

Once more

For then I’m so important

And so I serve as I am told

A diamond used to stop a door

You’ve never even seen me

Yet pouring still is what I do

For loving is what fills this form

If I am used then I comply

As often as desired

But please just ask with open heart

And I will take you home to give

The source of all you yearn for

Yes you can have me

All of me

There’s just the matter

Of my name

How you address me

How you speak

I’m not the one

You think you know

For when you speak my name I laugh

Because you have it oh so wrong

Announcing me as property

As one who must obey

And so

Unnamed unknown

I play

My game with you

Until you see

Until you feel

Until you know

All I am for you now

Just speak my name

By loving me

To let me give you everything

~ Doug Sandlin


It’s a very common name, the world over; one that each of us has been all too familiar with, at one time or another — and yet, it is always in error.

The mis-used name?

“My mind.”

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