Want Ongoing Peace? It’s As Easy As AYP! (Interview with Carson Zi)

If you’re interested in ongoing peace, via a simple, daily program, please listen to the following interview (link below) with our friend, fellow AYP contributor, and fellow AYP Retreat teacher, Carson Zi.

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In this interview, Carson discusses the ongoing benefits in his daily life, from his Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) routine – and please note: it’s the practices that are advanced – you don’t have to be. He also tells his story, which is one of the more dramatic examples of how effective practices can take any of us from the depths of despair, or from the volatility of life’s daily ups and downs, to the peaceful reality that is actually our inherent nature.

In a few short years, Carson went from immersion in horrific heroin addiction, to a failed suicide attempt, to discovering AYP, to continual improvement in his experience of ongoing peace and fulfillment in daily life. Not long after starting AYP, Carson began to notice some fairly dramatic results, including the ability to stop a high daily dose of methadone (prescribed for treatment of heroin addiction), without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms, something even his doctor couldn’t believe. Even more dramatic, though, has been the ongoing improvement of Carson’s experience and quality of life, which is continuing even now.

As Carson says, “Yoga saved my life.”

Today, Carson enjoys a happy life, and contributes to the world around him by sharing AYP with others, which includes leading AYP retreats that can help any of us realize the power of ongoing inner silence, and to deepen both our practices, and our living experience of ongoing peace.


We very much enjoy working with Carson at our AYP Allentown retreat and at the AYP Support Forums. If you are interested in joining us (Doug, Shweta and Carson), at our annual AYP Retreat in Allentown, Pennsylvania, it is taking place on the weekend of September 16-18 at the Mensch Mill Retreat Center. For a bit about what these retreats are like, here are some retreat experiences and reports from last year’s retreat.

Carson has contributed here at Living Unbound as well, via the following articles:

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You can also visit Carson’s main website, Blissed Yoga.

As mentioned in the interview, like physical exercise, the practices of AYP involve brief daily practices which then yield results throughout the day. If you are also interested in ways to enhance your daily experience of ongoing peace via simple teachings, techniques and resources that you can use throughout the day as well, beyond the daily practices of AYP, that is what Living Unbound is for, and we invite you to take a look at the Living Unbound lessons, as well.

Ongoing peace truly is available — and we invite you to join us, and find out for yourself.

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