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  1. AnonymousMarch 9, 2010

    Here is a question: It is suggested in many traditions that if one is experiencing true depression (not just a blue mood, but an actual disorder, where one can’t feel any pleasure), since the meditation will amplify the inward ruminations of the depressed person. I have through personal experience verified this for myself–over a year of meditation did nothing to keep me from spiraling downwards, and in fact made me feel worse. I forced it in an effort to overcome my situation, but it just prolonged the experience.

    What has made it to start to lift is a combination–medication, physical exercise, good diet (note: diet and exercise alone were nothing for severe depression!), therapy, and doing the internal work with the help of these external things.

    So–any suggestions for one that is truly, clinically depressed, for whom meditation will not help or make things worse? I think meditation is risky in such cases–with a suicidal person, downright dangerous.
    Should they focus on just connecting with things that make them feel better, or are there any other spiritual practices they could do (besides meditation)?

  2. livingunboundMarch 11, 2010

    Thanks very much for this question; it’s a good one! So good, in fact, that we’re making our first Q&A Lesson out of it, which should be posted either later tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. In the meantime, we just wanted to thank you for your question, and let you know that we will be responding in detail, very soon.

    Please see the Q&A Lesson, here.

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