What People Are Saying About Living Unbound

“Good things are happening. Wishing you and your readers all the best in ‘living unbound’. The guru is in you.”


Founder of Advanced Yoga Practices, and author of the AYP Enlightenment Series.


“Each light in the world increases illumination for all, and so it is with the many and diverse teachings and works underway that hold the intention of uplifting and transforming human consciousness, and so, naturally, I will hold you and your work in my thoughts and prayers, wishing you every success in your endeavors.”

~Tau Malachi

Founder of the Sophia Fellowship, and author of  Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, and other books in the tradition of Gnostic Christian Kabbalah.


“aum namah sivaya
happy to receive your intent and endeavor vision at this auspicious mahasivratri time of tapas.
may your endeavor be fulfilling, inspired and awakenings celebrated.
jai guruve thunai”

~aadi nandhi

Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi, founder of the Journey Beyond Enlightenment,


Your new site looks great. The more paths up the mountain, the more people will find their way. Best of luck with Living Unbound!”

~Wayne Wirs,

Founder of the Down-To-Earth Enlightenment site and blog, and author of Fading Toward Enlightenment, and other books regarding Down-to-Earth enlightenment for all.

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